That's Painting

(1989 - 2016)

That's Painting

Practicing a form of painting freed from representation might seem to be rather limited formally. But it is very rich conceptually. First of all, the work and its end product do not belong to the realm of aesthetics, but to that of ethics. Abandoning the picture allows one to go beyond the formal level which can be very limiting, and opens onto other fields, such as economics and sociology. Art becomes an integral part of life.

“Though art practice exists today in a proliferation of different forms, far removed from the conventions of the fine-arts tradition and the art world, That’s Painting is perhaps unique in remaining linked to painting as a genre.”

Stephen Wright

That's Painting by Project (coming soon)

The goal of Realism has always been to anchor art in life.

House-painting is the only form of realism possible in painting today.


That’s Painting furthers the tradition of Modernism, as Rauschenberg wanted to act “in the gap between art and life,” and Claes Oldenburg was asking for “an artist who vanishes, turning up in a white cap painting signs or hallways.”

That’s Painting updates this position by merging art and life, wearing the white cap and painting houses.

That’s Painting is installation art:

painting a room is not depicting it, but inscribing it in its real space.

That’s Painting is performance art:

meeting with clients, planning the job, organizing the crew, doing the work within a given time frame and budget, this is performance in real time, not a theatrical representation.

That’s Painting is conceptual art:

instead of producing a visual construct, the painting provides the viewer with a physical perception of a mental space.

The company adheres to the motto:

‘A job well done, on schedule, and competitively priced.’

The art value is offered to the client as an added bonus.

For the last twenty-five years, That’s Painting has provided high-quality house-painting services to public institutions and private clients in North America, Europe and Asia.

That’s Painting evolved from a commitment to free painting from the codes of representation, and turned a daily activity into a work of art, or rather, blended an art activity into daily life.